Be part of a winning tradition with a master’s in sport administration in one of America’s top sport towns. Share a backyard with storied franchises like the 参加奥运会 and 水牛城比尔 while you learn from some of the leaders in the sport industry. 成为一名教练, 童子军, 体育指导员, 前厅部经理, public relations officer or marketer and help build your team’s legacy.

1 - 2年

Turn Your Passion for Sport Into a Career With a Master’s in 体育运动管理

Earn your sport administration degree at 全球十大赌钱软件App大学 and prepare for the exciting, 快节奏的体育产业. 你将在NCAA D1项目中获得实践经验, 有机会获得助学金, 训练, 运营和设施管理的机会. 在布法罗, 美国最伟大的体育城市之一, you’ll also enjoy a multitude of internship and networking opportunities thanks to our proximity to sport teams like the 水牛城比尔, 参加奥运会, Bisons and Bandits and organizations such as Pegula 体育 and Entertainment (PSE) and New Era Cap.

Whether you enroll on campus or earn your master’s in sport administration online, you will make key connections and access immense professional development and job placement opportunities with a vast alumni network of 1,400多人在全球生活和工作. Snag the job of your dreams thanks to personalized mentoring, advising and 训练 from faculty with decades of professional experience who teach our courses for sports management.

“The MSA program at 全球十大赌钱软件App College provided me with a hands-on opportunity to immerse myself in the world of sports. The ongoing career support even after I completed my degree allowed me to pursue my passion in college athletics.”
Maggie Tabone, MSA ’20 | Academic Coordinator for University of North Carolina-Wilmington Athletics


  • Tailor your experience with a flexible sports master’s program. Earn your master’s in sport administration online or on campus. Hybrid students receive additional business expertise through four MBA courses.
  • 按照自己的节奏学习. Complete the sport administration degree in as little as one year or slow down the tempo and take classes when your time allows.
  • 通过内置实习启动或推进你的职业生涯. Participate in D1 game day operations that include ticketing, 营销与传播, facility management and 训练 for practicum hours and hands-on experience.
  • Enjoy exciting games and events with free tickets to all D1 home games.
  • Add muscle to your academic and professional credentials by supplementing your courses for sports management with travel abroad opportunities and industry events.
  • Participate in the college’s Institute for Research in Sport (IRIS) and pursue independent research relevant to your interests in the sports industry, 以出版你的作品为目标.


  • 领导 in Sport — Examine the concepts relating to efficient management and leadership of the sport industry. Attend guest lectures given by industry leaders to get insight into the various career paths in the industry and how to become a leader in sport.
  • Rule Compliance in Intercollegiate Athletics — Familiarize yourself with the governance structure and legislative process of the NCAA. 由具有15年以上经验的专家授课, 你会对NCAA的规则有一个深入的了解, 程序和过程.
  • Professional Sport — Learn about professional sports and their leagues, 包括组织结构和就业市场, from industry insiders like the VP of 市场营销 for the 卡罗莱纳飓风.


Access a wide world of opportunities with your master’s in sport administration online or on campus at 全球十大赌钱软件App. 我们的 体育硕士项目的成功校友 are proof that you can pursue the job of your dreams with your sport administration degree. 我们有1,400多名校友遍布全球, 生活和工作在40个州和13个国家, 职位名称如下: 

  • 曲棍球总教练, ECHL
  • 曲棍球运营协调员, 纳什维尔掠夺者
  • 设施营运助理处长 & 事件, 大都会球场
  • 社区关系经理 & 特殊事件, U.S. 网球协会
  • 高级发展经理 坦帕湾海盗队
  • 市场推广副总监 & 风扇的经验, 弗吉尼亚理工大学
  • 设备行动处助理处长 水牛城比尔
  • 足球运营总监, 罗伯特莫里斯大学
  • 董事,会员服务及卓越表现 加拿大高尔夫球
  • 学术及会员事务; NCAA
  • 高级市场总监, 卡罗莱纳飓风
  • 高级经理,活动运营, 纳什维尔足球俱乐部
  • NAM品牌传播总监 阿迪达斯
  • 玩家粘性助理总监 纽约巨人队
  • 销售总监, 芝加哥白袜队
  • 首席运营官 FC新加坡
  • 公司副总裁 & 技术合作伙伴关系, 明尼苏达维京人
  • 教练组 许多不同的大学项目
  • 社区关系处处长 参加奥运会
  • 侦察, St. 路易红雀队

我们的 alumni demonstrate there’s no limit to what you can achieve with your master’s in sport administration. 职业领域广泛且充满活力, giving you the freedom to pursue your passion in the field of your dreams.

“The MSA program provided me with the kick start I needed to set my dreams in motion. It began to open doors I never knew were capable of being opened and gave me the confidence to enter the sporting world and succeed.”
格雷厄姆·比米什,MSA ' 10 |布法罗军刀队球探

不管你从事什么职业, our courses for sports management will help you get a competitive advantage in the job market thanks to the industry experience you’ll gain and the tremendous soft skills you’ll develop.

Future Job Outlook for master’s in sport administration graduates

  • Administration Services and Facilities Managers – 2021 median salary of $99,290/year
  • Agents and 业务 Managers – 2021 median salary of $78,410/year
  • Coaches and Scouts – expected growth of 20% over next 10 years, adding nearly 50,000 new jobs